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Replaced G263 but error remains


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After replacing the AUA with a BBY in my -01, I can't get the AC to work. VCDS told me: Geber für Ausströmtemperatur Verdampfer

Unterbrechung/Kurzschluss nach Plus.

I replaced the G263 sensor but the error code is still there.

The contact looks fine, also the cables, at least what I can see.

If I remove the control unit, can I measure the ohm directly at the contact? Which pins goes to G263?

I hope to have 2 sets of working G263, but can anyone tell me what the ohm/temp curve should be?


English oder Deutsch ist egal, ich bin sehr dankvoll für Tips.

G263 ausbau war einfacher als mein Motor austausch. Aber obwohl ich habe ein Freund mit VCDS komme ich leider nicht weiter min mein Klima.




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Its connector B from the control unit. All actuators and sensores of the AC are attached to connector B (and its wiring loom).



Connector B, Pin 15 with a grey/red wire

Connector B, Pin 5 with a green wire (ground)


Pin 5 is a central ground wire for this wiring loom. Alle components are grounded over it.


By the way: Im waiting for a special delivery. Need it asap! ;)

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Hi A2-D2


I ended up checking it at a AC repair shop.

The system just needed a thorough vacuum cleaning, and a refill (low on gas).

I don't know why VCDS told me that the G263 was broken because It measured fine using your instructions above. Maybe this is a reason why so many people have a problem with the G263; the system need refilling?

Anyhow, it was good to remove the Klima control unit and take it apart to remove years of Coca Cola spillage inside the buttons :-)


Many thanks from a (nowadays) cool A2 owner!

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