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1.2 TDI - Krach! - Noise like ABS


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Hallo von England,


Bitte mein Deutsch vergeben - ich schreib jetzt auf Englisch!


I own one of the very few Auid A2 1.2 TDI s in the Uk


It is a wonderful car - I love the low MPG (L/100km) and apart from a few problems in 2004 with the gear changes it has been pretty reliable.


The car is BJ2001 EU3 model with power steering and aircon.


Recently there has been a noise like the ABS going off - a stuttering sound that does not change pitch.


This happens only when there is torque - either acceleration or braking. It is most noticable at 1200 RPM in 4th gear and when steering to the right or even straight ahead.


I am thinking either:


1. Brakes


2. CV joints


3. Wheel Bearings




4. Engine / gearbox mounts/exhaust hitting bodywork


But the sound is just like the brakes under ABS!


I checked the car with wheels off and found RHS brake disk was warped but this would cause a noise at all times.


In E mode freewheel or N there is no noise!


Any ideas?


Besten Dank!






Hallo von England, Bitte mein Deutsch vergeben - ich schreib jetzt auf Englisch! I ein des wenigen Auid A2 1.2 TDI s sehr besitzen in Großbritannien Es ist ein wundervolles Auto - I Liebe das niedrige MPG (L/100km) und abgesehen von einigen Problemen 2004 mit den Zahnradänderungen ist es recht zuverlässig gewesen. Das Auto ist BJ2001 EU3 Modell mit Energie Steuerung und aircon. Vor kurzem hat gewesen Geräusche wie die ABS, die weg - ein stotternder Ton geht, der nicht Taktabstand ändert. Dieses geschieht, nur wenn es Drehkraft - entweder Beschleunigung oder Bremsen gibt. Es ist bei 1200 U/min im 4. Zahnrad und wenn es voran steuert, rechts oder sogar gerade noticable. Ich denke irgendein: 1. Bremsen 2. Lebenslauf Verbindungen 3. Rad-Lager oder 4. Maschine/Getriebe mounts/exhaust, das Karosserie schlägt Aber der Ton ist wie die Bremsen unter ABS gerecht! Ich überprüfte das Auto mit Rädern weg und gefundene rechte Seite Bremsscheibe wurde verworfen, aber diese würde Geräusche ständig verursachen. Im E Modus freewheel oder in N gibt es keine Geräusche! Irgendwelche Ideen? Besten Feucht! Lukas

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and welcome to this board.


If there were something wrong with the cv joints, wheel bearings or the brake disks, the sound would change the frequency as you go faster or slower. It would be the same with the engine mounts. The sound would change as you rev up or down.


Maybe some worn out rubber mounts of the electric driven hydraulic pump. But you should be able to hear it as soon as you open the driver door.


Did you check the springs? They tend to break in the upper part.


It also can be a loose heat protection sheet around the exhaust.


Your problem sounds quite tricky and i have to admit i am a little bit clueless.


Can you locate the sound? Does it sound like metal on metal or more dull or a whining noise? Any history to it?


MfG Herbert

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Vielen Dank for the response!


The best way to decribe the sound :


Deep knocking / grumbling noise very similar to ABS when braking hard.


It only happens with torque - accelerator pedal on not off in E mode - mostly in gear 4 and 5 and when steering straight ahead and to the right but not when steering left.


You can also hear the boise when braking zB from 50kmh to zero kmh.


In terms of part numbers can you advise if these are similar to the 1.4 TDI /Benzin/1.6FSI or even Lupo 3L:


Wheel bearing: 8Z0 407 621 D

Front Shock: 6E0 413 031 F

Front Spring: 8Z0 411 105B


I would also like to know if I can fit Koni FSD to the 1.2 TDI ?


Besten Dank



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Hello Lukas,


three month ago I needed a new wheel bearing(right side).


The part no. is 6E0 407 621 D (Radnabe) 98,20 EUR

Should be a Lupo 3L part.


The described sound doesn´t fit to the noise I had. So I can´t help.


Good luck for your troubleshooting!

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The part no. is 6E0 407 621 D (Radnabe) 98,20 EUR

Should be a Lupo 3L part.

You're right, If I recall correctly I've had the right wheel bearing on my Lupo 3L also replaced and the part number is the same on the garage bill.


You've paid a better price though. My garage wanted 113,30 for the same part.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Driving with new brakes in snow yesterday the ABS functions but the action seems quite slow - clonk clonk clonk and car stops OK. But the original noise remains!!!!


Maybe a sensor fault?


Parts: 6E0 927 803 B and 804B


Car has done 78954 miles (128t km)

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The noise is at it's worst as follows:


In +/- mode:


5 and 4th gear: 1200 to 1400rpm

3rd: 1000 rpm

2nd: 900 rpm

1st: 800 rpm


it only occurs when accelerator pedal or brake pedal pressed (even slightly) and when steering gerade aus or rechts.


it is a deep noise like ABS but fast repetition.


In E mode rolling (feet off pedals) there is no noise.


Seems to be on driver's side at the front - torque related.


Thought is was brakes, ABS, CV joints, gearbox, exhaust pipe, engine mounts, suspension mounts, springs, wheel bearings.


Only changed brakes and checked springs and exhaust so far. The car also has brand new tyres fitted from Bridgestone on 13 March 2007.

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Heute trennte ich den ABS-Sensor auf den Treibern mit Seiten versehe nur. Selbstverständlich gab das DIS Bremse Warnlicht, aber Bremsen arbeiten noch mechanisch! Die gleichen Geräusche wie vorher.



Today i disconnected the ABS sensor on the drivers side only. Of course the DIS gave Brake warning light but brakes still work mechanically!


Same noise as before.

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i had a broken spring ( a close up ) on my 1,2TDI.


The outer cv-joint and the wheelbearing are coged and held together by a securing mean and a locknut (2) on the wheel hub side.


Back to topic. When you speed up to 60mph, put it in E mode and let it roll (feets of the pedals). Is there any noise when you drive a left or a right curve?



MfG Herbert

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Vielen Dank Herbert


As far as i can tell there is no noise in E mode at 100km/h with feet off the pedals.


But as soon as brake or accelerator pedal is used then noise returns. But at this speed it is harder to tell because of engine and wind noise.



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