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the grim reeper

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Hi I just wanted to say a big thanks to vfralex1977 for helping me out with this, i post on the Internaional A2OC forum and this has been tryed by a couple of people on there with mixed results but none seem to have done this. I had noticed on his (vfralex1977) sig that he had this fitted so sent a PM and he then gave me a link to the web page where he got his.

So after a few months finally got round to ordering one, it came very quick 3 days delivery from Germany to the UK :cool:, so today great weather so thought i would go out and fit it (or have a go anyway lol:D). Very easy took about 15 minutes, took me longer getting the cables out the way so the lower cubby hole would fit back in.


This forum has helped me out alot even though i cannot speak or read German i use yahoo barble fish from time to time and do try to get around this site without any help:D


So thanks again Phil

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