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Gearbox reset problem (can't reach 1,8-2,0v)

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Let me start of by apologizing for writing in english, but this is a last resort!


When adjusting the wire to the clutch, when doing a gearbox default setting, I can't get the value to reach the recomended ones.


The only values that the gearbox responds to is ~0,5-0,6v. Within this spectrum I'm able to complete a full reset. (No response when pushing the brake pedal in any higher values)


I'm getting a feeling that the sensor for the wire is broken, there by leaving me with no option but to replace the whole thing.






Is this a correct assumption?

And is there anyone who has made such a repair them selves and have any pictures/guides? Because I get the feeling that I have to remove a lot of parts to be able to get it out and the new one in.

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You can buy it much cheaper at Audi. I payed 187,- € excl. tax in Germany.


An instruction how to change it I have written here. Sorry for explaining it in german.;)


But before you change the clutch slave cylinder (?), have a look at the brake pedal switch.


BTW: Are there any fault codes?




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