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Gearbox noise


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My A2 1.4 petrol gearbox makes a grinding noise when it is running idle with the clutch pedal up.

Dealer replaced the whole clutch under warranty, noise is still there. :(

You can hear the noise clearly, start the engine, switch of everything that makes noise like radio, airco, etc.

When I engage the clutch it is quiet again, clutch pedal up noise is back.

So it is clearly comming from the gearbox!

According the Audi dealer it is "working noise", completely normal.

For me this is not acceptabel, there should not comming these kind of grinding noises from the gearbox!

Anyone has the same experience?

Does your gearbox making these noises during idle running?


Thank you in advance! (getting desperate..... :()

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I cannot recall having any clearly noticeable noise coming from the gearboy back in the day when I had my petrol A2. So I dont think it is correct like that.


Did you already change the oil of your gearbox? And check how it is looking and if there are any metal scrub parts in it. That way you could see if there is any damage in progress in there (which I guess because scraping noise is never good thing).

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Thanks for the reply.


What worries me is the explanation of the dealer that this noise is "normal working noise"

With my technical background I can't imagene that this noise is "normal".

I ask myself "what could make this noise?"

The gears? Don't think so, not after 70000km.

Damaged bearing? This would be the only source of grinding noise in my opinion...........



I will pass the dealer this afternoon and propose to drain the gearbox oil to check for debris.

However, a noisy bearing doesn't have to give debris.........

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Moin nitro68,


The noise you hear might come from one of the gear box input shaft bearings (Lager der Getriebe-Eingangswelle), which are rotating in the configuration you describe. I don't recall this noise on my A2, but definitely on my other car where it is present too already since a long time without any further degradation.


Cheers, AlMg3

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