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Koni FSD possible Failure

the grim reeper

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Talking to a UK A2 forum member today and he said that the NSF(Drivers side for you guys) strutt failed on his car about 8 weeks ago. He explained that the lower spring cup had just about rotten through all the way round, the failure happened as 2 thirds of the spring cup had failed resulting in the hole thing lowering itself down onto the tyre and scrubbing the inside edge down to the threads.


Now haven't these got a lifetime warranty ??and who would you contact the place you got them or Koni ??




Just something to start checking for when we swap them winter tyres off come spring.


His are 5 years old


Cheers Phil

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Hi Phil,


Already have had a problem with Koni FSD and talked to Koni directly.

I got new Koni FSD as an pre-replacement and had to send the old ones back. You can use the e-Mail adress from the Koni Homepage to get in contact to the right person for your region. Attach pictures if possible, they will ask for. You will need the lifetime warranty sticker and the bill.




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These are not mine but a friends and he's gone back to standards, they had only done 20,000 miles, luckly his wife complained about a noise coming from the car as the cup had fell down and touching the tyre. Good job it had not failed on a motorway at high speed as it could have been fatal:eek:


Not had the chance to check mine yet but will be doing so


Cheers Phil

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Corroded fsd shocks, bought and mounted in 2008, now close to failure. After mailing pics and scan of the original bill with the lifetime warranty sticker, Koni said they will ship an advance replacement and asked for the old ones to be returned. As I was quite happy with the shocks I do hope the quality/rust problem has been fixed by now.


letztens Winterreifen montiert, völlig erschrocken, die Teller waren im fortgeschrittenen Verfallstadium. König hat nach Zusendung der Bilder und der Rechnung mit Garantiesticker einen Vorabaustausch zugesagt. Montage muss ich selbst bezahlen, nicht Teil der Garantie. Hoffentlich haben sie das Korrosionsproblem jetzt im Griff


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Neue FSD heute montiert bekommen, dabei alle Verschleißteile, die dazu gehören, mitgetauscht: sagenhaft, fährt wieder wie auf Schienen, bei 230tkm war er schon sehr weich geworden. Mal sehen was Koni zu den Dämpfern sagt, muss sagen, sie haben sehr schnell die Ersatzdämpfer geschickt!

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