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Unruhiges Servolenkung

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Ich habe ein 2001 1,4 Benziner mit unruhiger Servolenkung.

Den Rest auf English:


The servo pump seems to have a life of it's own, switching on/off once every other second, even if I don't touch the steering wheel. Every time this happens, the headlights flash quite a lot. Since we are heading for a long and dark winter up here, this is getting quite frustrating. It is also affecting the handling since it gives a very strange feeling when cornering with/without servo every other second.

I tested it standing still as well. When I turn the steering wheel slowly, the servo switches on/off and it's impossible to turn the wheels smoothly.

The G250 seems to give a good and linear reading, at least that's what it looked like using VCDS.

Tomorrow, I'll jack up the car and check the electric connectors on the pump. The ground connections seems OK and I have some 14,2v from the alternator on idle.


Does anyone know why this can be?

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Id say the G250 could be a plausible reason, but if you already checked it (how exactly?) let it suppose to be ok.


The next possible thing could be the pump itself because the hole servocontroller is inside the pumphousing or a faulty lenkwinkelsensor with schleifring (the thing near the steeringwheel).


If you need a servopump to test or a lenkwinkelsensor (the one near the steeringwheel) just write me a mail. The only thing i dont have is this annoying G250 which only early A2 from model year 2001 have directly in the steering gear.

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If the car stands still, with motor running, and you suddenly turn your steeringwheel hard to one side, is it like smoothe for the first few centimeters, and then suddenly its gets hard and strong?


If yes, check if you got enough hydraulik oil in your servo system.

If the servopump runs dry, it could cause effekts like the one you described...




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