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Gangsteller kein bewegung. Help

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My German is so bad so I will try in English, but answer in German if easier.


The “gangsteller” doesn’t move during “basic setting” (during the 0-28 steps). I can hear the valves on the gangsteller” is operating but no movement. The clutch is is moving during the basic setting.

What could be the reason ???

Background information.

I have had problem with “No start in S position of gearlever”. I decided to take away the gearbox and change “fuhrungshulse”. The “fuhrungshulse” was broken so , it was the right decision to take the gearbox away. (Changed also clutch at the same time, but the clutch would probably worked for many more years). I left the “gansteller “ electrical connected during the work. When I connected the battery and with ignition on hydraulic oil was leaking out of the “gangsteller”! (The leak was at the famous gasket). That hasn’t happened before and nothing was changed during that the gearbox was taken away and put back.

Why could this happen?

The leak stopped suddenly !

Made a “basic setting” but the “gansteller” didn’t move during the step 0-28 !

Bought a new gasket, and after that I made a “basic setting” no change the “gansteller” didn’t move ,clutch moved , could hear the solenoid valves operated during the (0-28) steps.

What could be the reason?

I have check all “measuring block” and everything seem OK. Hydraulic is correct connected.

Mit einer Hoffning auf gute Ideen


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Hallo Kurt,


there are no fault codes? No RTFM during the basic settings?


Can you move the selector shaft goes into the gearbox manually?


Did you reconnect the G38, gearbox speed sensor?


Lift the car to have one front wheel up and than move it back and forth slightly in hope to get the gearbox into another position. Now try the basic settings again, with having the front wheel up.



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AFAIK the screw that holds the main bolt going into the gearbox, should be released and tightened again when the basic settings display writes "Wait"

This assures that the bolt is in the right position.

Can you change gears manually?

And of course like DerWeisseA2 wrote, the fault codes would be interesting.

Annyways the errors have to be cleared before starting the basic settings procedure.


Did you make the basic settings before and ist there enought hydraulic fluid in the container?

It would be advisable to change all the gaskets in connection wit the hydraulic system.

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Mark and LUPO3L thank you for your hints.

Here status

Hydraulic oil level filled according to instruction in non-pressurized status.

Shift rod on the gearbox possible to move

Car on lift so wheels can turn freely

All sensors connected

O-ring ,gasket in the hydraulic system recently changed

More than 2 minutes between pump start in ignition on position.

Clutch position sender adjusted to specified value.

Gate selector adjusted in the Wait –Adjust sequence of basis setting.

No failure codes before starting of basic setting.

When starting the sequence “0-28” clutch is operated at certain point in the sequence (means that there is hydraulic pressure ,on can also see that on sender G270), on can here solenoid valves on the “gangsteller “operates but no movement. The program runs true the “0-28” twice and stops at step 28 and sets RTFM.

My thought is that there is dirt in the “gangsteller” pressure in port (Blue hydraulic line).

Any other ideas ?

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Are you sure that the pump is running and building up pressure?

I have repaired many A2 1.2 TDIs and as far as I know the blue

line is the return line (bottom). Did you disconnect the hydraulic

lines? Are you sure that you have them connected the right way?

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Yes pump is runnning and building up pressure. I haven’t measured the actual pressure.

But according to pressures sender OK both voltage at stop (high pressure) and start (low pressure).

I have also checked by not putting in the locking pin (sicherungfeder) 085142419 and the blue hydraulic line is leaving the “Gangsteller” and jet of oil is jetting out.

When I took the hydraulic lines out I didn’t make a photo but wrote on a paper that the blue line should be at the top of the “gangsteller” . BUT now I am not 100% sure.

So anyone knowing if the pressure line should be at the top or bottom on the “gangsteller” ?

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Thank for the second time today DerWeißeA2

I lost a day with car because of not making photo ! (but also learn alot about my A2)

Next time I will make alot of photos !!


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