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A2 1.2tdi with manual gearbox

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Hello Dear 3L-ers - or in short FRIENDS :)


I have owned a Lupo 3L in the past in around 2006 and loved the car. but had to sell it due to the well-known issue with gear shifting.

Now in the recent week i have bought myself a Lupo 3L and Audi A2 1.2TDi again and am willing to choose one that will stay with me.

the other one will be sold further on.


I have read many times that Lupo is converted to manual gear shift and seems doable without a too big expense but i can not find info on the same conversion for the A2 model.


Therefore i start my quest by asking you - do you know that it is a similar procedure for the A2 as it is for Lupo? maybe someone who has already done this can share the experience?


Right now i have a slight problem with A2 - a strange sound from gearbox when engine is warm and driving - i think (and hope) it is a clutch bearing. Also A2 has a better fuel consuption compared to Lupo. A2 is about 3 ,3 Liters while Lupo shows around 4,5 with same driving. will check lupos air filter today, maybe that needs to be replaced.


By the way, i write from Latvia, and believe me there is not much of these cars in here as they are not popular at all. therefore i search for advice with you friends.


hope to hear back from you, regards, Casper

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Little info can be found in this thread:

Getriebeumbau 1,2l TDI auf Handschaltung


It sounds that building and installing the necessary gearshift cables is the most difficult part of the conversion (modifcations on the electric parts are the same as for Lupo 3L).

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Well, instead of becoming an expert for 3L-gear conversion, you could also become an expert for gearbox repair. :-)

There have been some improvements in knowledge and parts are available (gasket) for the shifter.

Hence, as long the car is still talking to the diagnostic device and you having access to forum, everything is possible...

If you keep both cars (or giving one away to a close friend), you have the best options by also changing electrical parts for tests.

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