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Enthusiasm with some doubts


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Hello everyone!

At first, thank you very much for all the infos into this wonderful forum. I would never find lots of details anywhere else!

Now it's been more than a month I drive my miniaturized A8. This nice old owner saied to me before the sale she mounted new brake pads, distribution complete maintenance. I just mount by myself a new high amperage battery, and in the while noticed that The Goodyear Vector Four Seasons G2 were quite new. Probably the merit is mainly by "175/65" "... in the middle of the valley 18.5 km / l.

In any case, I bought a set of 16 "Original five-arm alloy wheels from a landfill: noticed that the size 195/45 dares a lot more choices (I really would like to mount a set of Michelin Pilot 3 ... ? ) Acceleration and More.

I'm not sure that they'll be harmonious with the engineering engineer of the car: so I'll probably prefer a set of 185/50 Bridgestone Turanza 001.

Spring is not so close, so there is enough time to decide.

In EVERY case I DECIDED to dare A professional paint at 16 "five arms, a dark gray color Audi. A Daytona or a delfin o?

A few days ago, my usual mechanic gave me an appointment with a funny guy with a strange mustache. He works for a local chip tuning laboratory. BMC for a better sound and optimization work on the original engine control unit. He assured me from 7 to 9 kW / 4 to 7% improvement in fuel consumption.

If you won't comment this post, I will post a portrait of this tuner boy (really ugly). 

SORRY: my English is not so bad. Just the problem is in the setting of my smartphone browser. It translates automatically from English to Italian... Now I solved

Have a nice Sunday evening

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