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1.6 fsi BAD motor umbau AVY Lupo Gti


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Hello a2 community


ich spreche Deutsch aber nicht so gut!!!


I have got an a2 1.6 fsi that i saved from a scrapyard.

i was thinking of making this convertion but i couldn't find detailed information from someone that he did it!!!

can someone tell me what exactly is needed for the conversion?


Kind Regards



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I have converted 2 cars/motors already, so here my tipps.



  1. First you should get from erwin detailed documentation for both cars. 1h cost 7€ + Tax. In 1h it should be possibe to download at least documentation for one car.
    I have bought a 24h Audi "Flatrate" and downloaded documentations for all Audis, a little bit more then 10GB.
    It is a good advice to buy a second "Flatrate" for VW and download all documentations for VW, a little bit over 20GB. ;)
    It was very useful to have wiring diagrams for all vw's, especically for my automatik conversion.
  2.  You need information, if the immobilizer in the Lupo motor management box (MSG) is compatible with your A2 dashboard (WFS V3).
    Based opon the Motorcode AVY I think, that will work, but check, if Lupo use WFS V3 and not V2.
    Try to read out the logincode from the Polo, see Link. When this is possible, you will have made a big step.
  3. Use the Lupo already Can Bus protocol?
    I have used for automatic conversion a VW Polo 9N and for the AUB conversion a Skoda Fabia 6Y. No problems, only one, that the MSG is searching for a central electric box, that doesn't have the A2. This box isn't needed by the Audi A2, so I ignore this error and everything i working fine.
  4. The best way is to buy a whole VW Lupo and you have everything to get this working. It worked already in the Lupo. ;)
    It has "only" to be adapted to the A2.


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The best bases for a AVY-conversion in a descanding order is at first place a A2 1.4 AUA, than the A2 1.4 BBY and than a A2 1.6FSI. This is because of compatibility between ECU and brake system and also the compatibility of the engine wireing loom.  Its also possible to use a A2 1.4TDI for this conversion, but i  would realy not recommend it.


Always use the engine block from a Lupo GTI, because Polo 6N block is incompatible to the MQ200 gearbox and A2s shifting system. You can use the original A2 gearbox of a 1.4 or 1.6FSI or the Lupo GTI gearbox, and also every other MQ200.


Both, ECUs from Lupo GTI AVY or Polo 6N AVY will work, but i recommend the Polo 6N ECU because of cruise controle functionality.


Most important parts to build in a AVY in a petrol A2 (no mather if 1.4 or 1.6fsi) are plug and play. Only the intake and the exhaust must be customized. The original air filter box from the avy can be used, but its very very tight and you might to customize the housing a bit, so its better to build your own with silicone hoses from the throttle valve to the original a2 filter box, which is big enough for optimal ventilation (if your base is a 1.4, make sure to get the first hose after the air filter box from a 1.6FSI). The original exhausts from 1.4 and 1.6fsi will also fit and they are good enough for a first run and some weeks of driving. For a custom made exhaust, best and easiest practice is to build one which is made of original avy parts (from block till flex hose) and the rest can be made of a universal cat and whatever u want.


The heaviest part is to modify the original A2 wirering loom. I would not reommend to build a complete new one, alway use a original A2 petrol loom a base. You always have to reorder the pins in the ECU-connector. On the engine side, there is not so much to do. Follow janihanis first tipp to make you own plan for a wireing diagram. ;-)


In my opinion, its not nessecary to buy a complete car, a complete engine is enough. But like janihani said, you might be able to test the engine a complete car and sometimes this is the better solution in the light of economic reasons.

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