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Mein A2

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    1.4 TDI (ATL)
  • Production year
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    Akoyasilber Metallic (2S)
  • Summer rims
    17" Alu Guss 9-Speichen
  • Winter rims
    17" Alu Guss 9-Speichen
  • Sound equipment
    Radio-CD "concert"
  • Panorama roof
  • Air condition unit
  • Hitch
  • Special features
    FIS Control Erweiterung


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  1. Hello to all, help me to understand if my A2 ATL (4/2004 ) with VIN WAUZZZ8Z44N013277 is a 6Q0907511 - to FIN 8Z-4-018624 6Q0907511C - from VIN 8Z-4-018625 It should be FIN 8Z-4-018624
  2. Engine: 1.4 TDI (ATL) Year of construction: 04.2004 Mileage: 206,000 Noises: vibrations and noise castrol oil 5w30 every 10,000 km now I have no more vibrations and noises
  3. My A2 is from 2004, but I bought it in Germany in 2005. Today with 206000 km I give it a second youth, thanks also to the help of so many of you here in the forum
  4. Do you have any updates where to buy mats similar to the originals?
  5. Just to inform, changed distribution / oil and distribution + water pump it seems that the vibrations are over
  6. Hi all, on the turbo ATL problem if I understood correctly, better to buy a new turbo rather than review the old one? If so, is it better to buy from authorized Borgwarner retailers? Regards
  7. I too with my atl (205000) I have strong vibration problems between 1000/1500 rpm. They presented themselves after the new tandem pump (bosch) and egr. Next week I will change distribution / oil chain and distribution + water pump. It must be said that at 170,000 miles I installed the flywheel and the single-mass Valeo clutch
  8. so the crankshaft sprocket is not necessary?
  9. Hi all, I must also change Ölpumpe Antriebskette, but I have seen that there are two kits from Febi 32266 and 43667. The latter has the gear wheel, crankshaft 40113 but it is impossible to find it. can you tell me where it is possible to buy it? Would it really be necessary to replace it?
  10. Yes, Monday I will go to Audi with the VIN
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