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    16" 5-Arm
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  1. ivan1965

    90PS ATL Motorschaden... Jetzt hats mich auch erwischt.

    Hi all, on the turbo ATL problem if I understood correctly, better to buy a new turbo rather than review the old one? If so, is it better to buy from authorized Borgwarner retailers? Regards
  2. I too with my atl (205000) I have strong vibration problems between 1000/1500 rpm. They presented themselves after the new tandem pump (bosch) and egr. Next week I will change distribution / oil chain and distribution + water pump. It must be said that at 170,000 miles I installed the flywheel and the single-mass Valeo clutch
  3. ivan1965

    Ölpumpe Antriebskette

    Thanks, I proceed to the purchase
  4. ivan1965

    Ölpumpe Antriebskette

    so the crankshaft sprocket is not necessary?
  5. ivan1965

    Ölpumpe Antriebskette

    sorry for bold
  6. ivan1965

    Ölpumpe Antriebskette

    Hi all, I must also change Ölpumpe Antriebskette, but I have seen that there are two kits from Febi 32266 and 43667. The latter has the gear wheel, crankshaft 40113 but it is impossible to find it. can you tell me where it is possible to buy it? Would it really be necessary to replace it?
  7. ivan1965

    Ladeluftschlauch 90PS TDI

    Yes, Monday I will go to Audi with the VIN
  8. ivan1965

    Ladeluftschlauch 90PS TDI

    Hi all, could you explain the difference between the two? tubo dell'aria 3A - 8Z0 129 654 T - tra misuratore massa d'aria e presa d'aria turbocompressore (con PR-0F3 + => Carburante Sistema Diesel) tubo dell'aria 3B - 8Z0 129 654 AA - fra misuratore massa d'aria e presa d'aria turbocompressore (con PR-0F9 + => Fuel Sistema Diesel, refrigerati) I have to buy it for my A2 ATL is 2004 Thanks
  9. ivan1965

    Wer hatte alles einen Turboladerschaden beim 90 PS TDI

    Hi guys, where do you regenerate the ATL turbines? Or do you prefer to buy a new turbine? Mine has 205000 km and I would like to regenerate it
  10. ivan1965

    Tandempumpe defekt? Bilder und Videos

    Hi guys, I have the same problem with the tandem pump. I have an ATL A2 its pump is 038 145 209 Q. Diesel fuel has ruined some cooling pipes. I found a kit of Italian seals (http://www.dim-srl.it/cata_min/12_5.htm) if it could be useful. I have another problem the heating does not work, I read in the quote that under the tandem pump there is a heating pipe, is it correct? It could be cut
  11. ivan1965

    Kühler Abgasrückführung defekt ATL

    Ciao Ragazzi, penso di essere nella discussione giusta. Ho un ATL A2 del 2004 e sto avendo problemi con l'EGR, la pompa tandem e la turbina. Vorrei escludere l'EGR. Sono consapevole del fatto che ci sono kit di bypass e quindi è necessario cambiare la centralina per errori sul tachimetro. Potresti dirmi cosa fare escludere EGR se non voglio usare il kit bypass? Hi guys, I think I'm in the right discussion. I have an A2 ATL 2004 and I'm having problems with the AGR, tandem pump and turbine. I would like to exclude the AGR. I am aware that there are bypass kits and then it is necessary to change the ECU for errors on the tacho. Could you tell me what to do to exclude AGR if I do not want to use the bypass kit?
  12. ivan1965

    FIS Tacho Unterschiede

    Thank you very much for the confirmation, so I'm going to buy it
  13. ivan1965

    FIS Tacho Unterschiede

    Hello I have an ATL A2 TDI (2004) and I would like to buy a tacho with FIS. I found one with the code 8Z0 920 931 B 1.4TDI 8Z-3-000000> My question is: will it be a tacho version since 2003 ( 8Z-3-000000> ) so as not to change the tank's float? Regards
  14. ivan1965

    FIS (Fahrerinformationssystem) nachrüsten

    hi, i'm looking for a tacho + fis with code 8Z0920931B (TDI 90 PS 2004), here in Italy it's impossible to find it used. Do you know if it's easier to find them in Germany? Here their cost new is 700 euros. Thanks