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Air intake P1031 manifold broken


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Dear All A2 specialists!


My A2 1.6FSI has this problem according to the Ross-Tech.


Anybody can tell is it:


1. Solenoid valve

2. Solenoid itself

3. The manifold lever


After the motor lamp went on first time I could see that lever

was moving up and down.


I reseted the failure.


After two weeks the failure came back and now the lever was stucked. No under pressure to manifold.


Is there a safety mode in the system or is the valve broken?


First time when I took the under-pressure tube off and lever went down the idle-sound was different, so I suppose lever is not broken?


Can I check the potentiometer values through the Ross-Tech software?


Any help is good!


Op :kratz:

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P1031 = 17439

Fehlercode 17439 - Seite 2 - A2 Forum

I hope you understand me.;)



You have to check MWB /Channel 142!

If you push or kick :D the Gas pedal, do the worthes change?



In most cases it is a Problem with the vacuum unit .

If that is the case, then you have a little bit trouble.:D

If it's this vacuum unit, then the intake manifold has to be removed and the vaccum unit has to be replaced .

If the Plastic stick from the Poti is broken, then the intake manifold has to be replaced.

I hope you understand me, if not, there are several people good speaking/ typing english here.;)



p.s. i haven´t a safety mode/run by this error.

Replacing the valve N316, would be the cheapest. ;)

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Your english is good. My german is zero!


I have checked the vacuum-unit when the fault was on and there

was no under-pressure when I removed the suction pipe!


After reseting the fault there was suction and when I removed

the pipe the lever was moving and the idle sound of motor was

changing! I suppose that the stick and suction-unit are okay and

flaps are moving.


When is the solenoid valve N316 open and when is it closed?

Is it only open and close type or is it analog type?


Is it really so that you need to remove whole manifold from

motor side if potentiometer or vacuum unit has to be replaced.?


I have not checked yet the channel 142. Do you have any percent

values for idle (800rpm) and for higher revisions (5000rpm).


Please help me! :)


With Kind Regards: Op

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This would be too much asked.


Maybe someone remembers about the values.


Most interesting is the pressure solenoid! I have not found anywhere the function of it. My understanding is, that the manifold is reacting by the under-pressure, which is generated by the car itself when loading the motor. But the solenoid valve, why it is there?


Amazing! :crazy:


Nice forum! Helpful people!


With Kind Regards: Op

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Dear All!


I tested now the channel 142 with VCDS and it seems that value (in the most left box) is 100% when rpm is 800 (idling) and changes to 0% when rpm goes over 4000rpm.


With low gear and gas pedal on the floor the value changes under 4000rpm


ADP says okey.


So now I think I undesrstand that the vacuum unit is only operated by the solenoid valve according to the load.


There is still all three possibilities.


1. Solenoid is not functioning allways

2. Vacuum unit is not functioning allways

3. Potentiometer is giving wrong value sometimes

4. Flaps are stacking sometimes.


Should I now change the solenoid valve, because it is easisest?


Op :kratz:

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I have Had the same problem turns out i need a new lower manifold as Kugel Wider Want pointed out the plastic poti connecting to the manifold/ butterfly flaps is broken so I now need a new manifold if any one has or knows were i can get one for a 1.6 A2 this would be most appreciated!

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