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1.2 TDI gearbox electronics


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I have a strange problem with gearbox electronics on my 1.2 TDI. Car is normally accelerating in tiptronic mode in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear, I can shift up and down, but when I shift to 4th gear, the acceleration falls drastically. Max RPM is then max 2500. Acceleratio is than bad in all gears, but when I stop and turn the engine off and start it again, it accelerates perfectly untill I shift in 4th gear...

I also experienced 2 times in a month that the gear shift status (PRND) starts blinking and the engine turns off automatically.I had to stop the car and turn it on again, it happend whed down shifting from 4th to 3rd in a curve...

Ever experienced similar problems?

Best regards




Ich habe ein seltsames Problem mit der Getriebeelektronik auf meinem 1.2 TDI. Normalerweise Auto beschleunigt und tiptronic-Modus und 1., 2. und 3. Gang, kann ich unten zu verschieben und, aber, wenn ich in den 4. Gang schalten, die Beschleunigung drastisch fällt. Max RPM ist dann max 2500. Acceleratio als schlecht ist und alle Zahnräder, aber wenn ich anhalten und den Motor abstellen und neu starten, perfekt, bis ich es beschleunigt verschieben und 4. Gang ...

Auch ich erlebte zwei Mal im Monat, und dass die Schaltstatus (PRND) beginnt zu blinken und der Motor schaltet sich aus automatically.I hatte, das Auto zu stoppen und wieder einschalten, passiert es whed Herunterschalten vom 4. in den 3. und einer Kurve. ..

Je erlebt ähnliche Probleme?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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Pozdravljen Blaz.


Mislim da pride tvoj prvi problem od Turbo.

Pri mojem je tako blo, da je turbo bil vpet.

Jaz sem to sam popravil.

Pri drugem problem je mogoče da imas pre malo olje v hidravlični črpalki.

Zivim na Koroskem v rozu. če hočes tebe pomagam če sem doma.


Ich denke für das erste Problem könnte die klemmende VTG vom Turbo in Frage kommen.

Für das 2. vielleicht zu wenig Hydrauliköl oder dass die grundeinstellung zu lange her war.


Hier wie man den Turbo wieder instand setzt:

VTG Gymnastik? - A2 Forum



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Thank you for your answers.

I will top up the hydraulik oil (now it is 2 fingers under the top).

Basic settings were performed one month ago, when I complete firmware was loaded, because computer mixed up gear shift positions.

I will send the diagnostics results.


Vielen Dank für Ihre Antworten.

Ich werde oben die Hydraulik-Öl (jetzt ist es zwei Finger unter oben).

Grundeinstellungen wurden vor einem Monat durchgeführt wird, wenn ich komplette Firmware geladen wurde, weil Computer auf Schaltpositionen gemischt.

Ich werde die Diagnoseergebnisse zu senden.


Pozdravljen Lupo_3L

Hvala za odgovor v slovenskem jeziku :)

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Any news?


First problem is not present any more, maybe because of cold weather?


Second problem is occuring more and more often, and it doesn't matter in which mode ECO, normal or tiptronic. You suggest I should make basic settings? Is it safe to do it by myself?


Any ideas why start/stop is still working in ECO mode, despite temperatures being bellow 0 degres C?


I will clean the turbine this week.

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I had to rebuilt turbocharger (360€). Completely new (original) core, VTG was cleaned and sanded to remove rounded edges. Cars acceleration is significantly better, since rebuilt engine didn't turned off. Before almost every time when turbine started.

I had to wait a week for turbocharger to be rebuilt, thank god I have a second A2 1.4 TDI :)

Now I just have to get rid off central hydraulic leakage and move Webasto heater from 1.4 to 1.2 :)

Thanks for your help

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Again I am experiencing problems with engine shutdown.

Yesterday it threw out blue hose from gangsteller, all hydraulic fluid leaked I connected again the hose filled up hydraulic fluid and drove 500m to my mechanic.

I am giving up on this car!!!

Thank good I have VW 1300, which only needed a battery recharge and now preys like a kitten :)

I am attaching VAS log before the hydraulic leakage.

Fault below appeared when I started to use START-STOP.




<fault_text direction='ltr'>Clutch</fault_text>

<fault_text direction='ltr'>Speed deviation too large</fault_text>

<fault_type_text direction='ltr'>Sporadic</fault_type_text>

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  • 4 weeks later...

Problem solved after half year, I hope it is solved for good.

Gearbox speed sender and clutch cylinder were changed.

I have to get rid of the squeaking sound, probably 6Q0411315N

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