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Audi A2 1,2 TDI Auspuff kaputt?


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Hallo A2 Freunde !


Jetzt auf Englisch:


My A2 1.2 TDI which I have owned since 2002 has been a fantastic machine despite the usual problems with hydraulic gear system, sooted up Variable Vane Turbos, anti roll bar mountings, and handbrake wear.


Today I exceeded 207,000 miles (333 t'km) and there was a strange noise like a "pop" from the exhaust which now runs very loudly and more deeply. This must also affect the fueling as the throttle response is poorer.


I will look under neath the car tomorrow.


Any one replaced the exhaust system on a 1.2TDI?


Appreciate your help and advice.





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If the throttle response is affected, you might also want to check the EGR-valve. The pipes leading to and from it are susceptible to mechanical fatigue and will break at some point. The turbo wouldn't be able to build exhaust side pressure as quickly as usual and as a consequence wouldn't build intake pressure as well. Might be your problem.

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I think we have found the problem - the intake pipe from the intercooler running into the EGR valve was off!


I don't know how it could have come off - maybe the spring / hose clip blew off or was fatigued?


I have not tested the car above 40 km/h as yet but it is much quieter!


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This is a standard procedure on the ANY. I don't know when and where the hose clamp gets lost, but there definitely should be one. You can use a fitting standard part from the DIY store.

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