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JT 2017 (NL) das Programm

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English translation for those who want it:
This thread contains the details of the Program for the Annual Meeting of the Audi A2 in 2017, which will be held from 30th June to 2nd July 2017 in Sevenum, in the Netherlands. The registration thread will be opened shortly.

Friday, 30th June
Official start at De Schatberg (DS). Arrival. 
Book your own accommodation and please confirm it in the "unterkunftsgemäuschel" thread so it is clear who has what.
Afternoon, still to be confirmed: expedition to a manufacturer of technical equipment in Venlo.
Evening meal as desired in the restaurant at DS. Many will only arrive in the course of the evening; it is possible there will be a sporting activity set up nearby.
Drinking is up to you :) Final shutdown is also at your discretion.

Saturday, 1st July
0800 common breakfast in the restaurant at DS
0900 Departure for the trip to three-country-corner ("Drielandenpunt") near Aachen.
Visit of the labyrinth and the viewing tower. Lunch at one of the three restaurants.
1300 departure for Valkenburg a/d Geul
Mountainbiking in the Valkenburger Grottos for those >1m40 / 4'8". 70km of trails are up to 40m below the surface. 
 - led walk through the Fluweelengrotte, visit the town of Valkenburg, the summer bobsled track or the "fairy wood". 
1600 Departure for DS via the ferry Beesel-Kessel and group A2 picture.
1800 back at DS
Evening Barbeque at De Turfhoeve (10min walk from DS)
Final shutdown at your discretion :)

Sunday 2nd July
Breakfast in the restaurant
1000 Audi A2 Club Germany Annual General Meeting. This will be held in German and only members are permitted to vote.

First guests depart. 

Afternoon visit of DAF museum in Eindhoven and evening meal in Eindhoven. 

End of meeting. 
For those who wish to see more of the Netherlands, an attached program will be suggested shortly.

 - Bret

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