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A2 stranded over Easter


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Tut mir leid aber hier auf Englisch:


A2 stranded! - Andy ideas from VAGCOM experts?


I'm struggling along with my 2001 A2 1.2 TDI (183,000km now).


Was hoping to take family away for Easter but have had gearbox trouble!


There was some leakage from the G40 gear controller so I took it out and cleaned up and checked gaskets and pipes.


All back together ready for basic setting.


But my VAGCOM crashed part way through and ever since then with Hydraulics on the Measuring block for Gearbox filed 002, is not 1.9V but 3.93V - so the J514 controller is in emergency mode.


I tried to release the hydraulic pressure and reset Clutch cable Volts back to 1.9V. Fine until hydrualics start up again.


How do i interrogate and erase erros codes in the geabox comuter memory without and VAS 5051A? I just have VAGCOM and laptop! No error codes come up on my system.


Car will not start and we can't go on holiday!


Hope you all have a Happier Easter!




First A2 1.2 TDI in UK

Style pack + Chorus + Advance pack + winter wheels + iRiver MP3CD



Audi A2 1.2 TDI

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The value of the clutch position sensor should be 1.9V if the clutch is closed and about 3.9V if the clutch is open. Be careful not to adjust the sensor to show 1.9V with open clutch - that would be totally wrong.


The clutch is opened for example if you press the brake pedal. If you didn't press the brake pedal, maybe the brake switch is broken and signalling a pressed brake pedal. Over the years, quite a lot of people had problems with this brake pedal switch.

So I recommend to check that - at first I'd check if the brake lights are working correctly. But wasn't there a second switch? Or was that the brake pressure sensor? I don't have the reference with me right now...


I didn't really understand your problem with VAGCOM. Does the application crash on the PC? Or does the PC-application work correct, just the gearbox ECU doesn't complete its basic setting (that's the 'Grundeinstellung' in German, right? This procedure were all the different gears are checked, the gear lever callibrated, etc?)


VAGCOM should be able to do everything you need. I don't think that a VAS 5051A would provide much more insight.

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Vielen Dank Martin,


Not sure about the Brake sensor - no error codes on VAGCOM for the brakes.


Brake lights are working correctly.


I have released the Hydraulic pressure and disconnected the Hyd Pump in order to set the 1.9V on clutch cable.


As soon as reconnected / on / off ignition, it goes to over 3.5 V ans clutch cable is pulled.


Basic Setting 014 gives RTFM message half way through.

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One more thing to check in order to verify that it's not brake related:


Take a look at measuring block 4 , second value:

the last digit should be 1 if the brake pedal is pressed and 0 if the brake is not pressed.

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Address 02: Auto Trans Labels: None

Part No: 6N0 927 735 D

Component: DS085 Getriebe 3081

Coding: 00000

Shop #: WSC 00000


2 Faults Found:

00263 - Transmission

27-10 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent

01155 - Clutch

17-10 - Control Difference - Intermittent

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Thanks Martin,


I have posted photos of Gangsteller etc here:


MobileMe Gallery




MobileMe Gallery


Managed to remove the G162 and voltage range was 0.47V cable pulled out to 4.34V pushed in. Is this OK? The manual recommended 1.5 to 4.5 V?


Put it all back together with 1.88V on zone 002 gearbox measurement block.


Yes all fault codes always removed before basic setting.


Unfortunately I forgot the clip for the hydraulic pipes into the Gangsteller so lost most of the fluid during basic setting and now need to buy some more before I can run VAGCOM again.


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