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Desperate Hilfe aus Schottland OSS Kapitel 2 Die Betonung, dass mit der Reparatur ich Google Translator verwendet haben, um mit diesem Beitrag werde ich die Übersetzung und die englische Version haben encluded Hilfe kommt erforderlich




nicht die normale OSS Problem

Hallo ich brauche Hilfe

Ich musste alle Kabel Probleme wie anderswo Ich bin jetzt auf der nächsten Stufe hatte ich die neue OSS ausgestattet haben und alles ist nicht gut fühle ich mich wirklich leid für die Garage als es kostet ein Vermögen sie mein Auto hatte seit zwei diskutiert Monate und das Schlimmste von allem durch drei Headliner weg ist von Lecks verursacht

Das Auto wird wieder auf Montag, den 4. abgeholt und ich hoffe, in der Lage sein, ihnen zu sagen, was zu tun

Ich werde versuchen, einige pic's posten, aber inzwischen hier ist meine Beschreibung des Problems

Wie Sie sehen das Auto von vorne

Wo der Rand der Schiebedach schließt sich der verklebten ist es leicht, so dass Sie eine Kante Dieser Rand steigt in Richtung Zentrum sehen angehoben

Die nächste beitreten zwischen den Abschnitten eins und zwei und zwei an der Rückseite befestigt Abschnitt

Es gibt eine Lücke im Glas wird durch einen wenige Millimeter voneinander getrennt und auch wieder einen leichten Vorsprung, so dass keiner der Abschnitte bündig

Wenn Sie am Dach sehen aus geringem Abstand anstatt sich solide ist es wie verschiedene Abschnitte

Für mich sieht es aus wie das Dach, um sich zurückzulehnen und nach ein paar mm

Hier ist meine Fragen

Wie hat sich dieser mit einem brandneuen Dach passiert

Gibt es Anpassung in der Glas-oder schlimmstenfalls müssen sie es aus und erneut zu beginnen?

Ich fühle, es ist zu viel Geld ausgegeben zu sagen, dass tun wird

Man hätte brach, aber es sah nicht so aus, dass ich besorgt bin, dass nach einem schweren Winter Eis in diesen Lücken mmmm nicht so gut

Danke an alle, die etwas Licht auf dieses kann Schuppen



Desperate help required from Scotland OSS chapter 2 The stress that comes with the repair I have used google translator to help with this post I have encluded the translation and the English version




not the normal OSS problem

Hi I need help

I have had all the cable problems as discussed elsewhere I am now at the next stage I have had the new OSS fitted and all isn't well I feel really sorry for the garage as it is costing a fortune they have had my car for two months and worst of all gone through three headlining's caused by water leaks

The car is being picked up again on Monday 4th and I hope to be in a position to tell them what to do

I will try to post some pic's, but meantime here is my description of the problem

As you look at the car from front

Where the edge of the sunroof joins the bonded panel it is raised slightly so you can see an edge This edge rises towards the centre

The next join between sections one and two and two to the rear fixed section

There is a gap the glass is separated by a few mm and also again a slight edge So none of the sections are flush

When you look at the roof from a slight distance instead of looking solid it's like distinct sections

To me it looks like the roof has to sit back and down by a few mm

Here is my questions

How has this happened with a brand new roof

Is there adjustment in the glass or worst case scenario do they have to take it out and start again?

I feel it's to much money spent to say That will do

It might have been broke but it didn't look like that I am concerned that after a severe winter ice in those gaps mmmm not so good

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this

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Hi mal,

to be honest, the google translation is not understandable for me and as I assume for the other guys too.

I understood that you have some pictures of the OSS. Could you upload them within an additional posting?

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They had your car for two(!!!) months? OMG! Is this a Audi garage or not?


So, as far as i know, its not possible to order a complete roof with all sections and other parts. They just can order a roof-frame and i reckon, that your garage just ordered one as you can see on this picture on the left.





So, your garage had to put section 2 and 3 (section 1 and 4 are fixed on the roof-frame) and some other parts from your old roof to the new roof frame. Its in the responsibility of your garage to adjust the sections 2 and 3 in an acceptable/correct way.


What about the fixed sections? Do they fit proper in relation to your windscreen and rear window?

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Thanks for the info They ordered a new frame at cost of over £2000 You can see photos at the following link the not so good fit MobileMe Gallery

I have also added pictures of the roof correct for the garage

There is a gap between the panels and also slightly raised edge

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Hi mal,

first view is that the windows are fitting in a correct way. As far as I understood you are wondering about the gap between section 3 (second moving glas) and section 4 (fixed glas). This gap can be in a range of 1..2mm and is quite nomal (at least at my car). This gap has nothing to do with the proofness of the roof. That is given by the thick seal ring around the frame under the Windows. The gap between section 3 and 4 is needed due to section three is moving first backwards say 1mm and than is going up to open.

Do not worry about snow or ice on/in it.

I had the problem at my A2 that the gap between section 3 and four was too small, so section three moved against the fixed section 4 and was blocked to open. So I peeled off 1mm of the rubber at the edge of section 3 and all was running well. May be not the professional way but it works fine since 3 years.

Do I understood your problem? If not please feel free to comment.

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Hi yes that is the problem It is difficult to see in the photo But at drivers side gap 2mm then at passenger side 4/5mm gap On rear section No gap hard glass to glass at passenger side 3/4 mm gap and all sections siting slightly high

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As i sad: If section 1 and 4 are on the same level as your windscreen and rear window the roof frame is installed proper and they do not need to remove it again. In this case, they only need to recalibrate section 2 and 3.


If your roof is open, you can see 2 screws on each side of section 2. There are 2 more screws on each side of section 3, but you might cant see these because you possibly have your sun protection installed and you can only open the front part of it. With these screws, they can adjust section 2 and 3.


Sorry, but im not sure about the detailed way for how to adjust a OSS.

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There are at least two garages in mid and south Germany famous for being specialists in OSS repairs....if you should be around there in the next time with your car it may not hurt to go there to get the roof fixed. But quite a distance to go there for only the OSS reason.

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