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Thought I’d share my 1.4 90hp engine conversion 

I purchased a 1.9 ARL engine which had low mileage 78,000 which I tore down and had the crank and Conrods lightened and balanced and bores checked and lightly honed. Reassembled with Ned shell bearings and piston rings , cylinder heads been fully ported and polished with completion valve guides and multi angle seats , GTB 1756vk conversion on one off stainless manifold with EGT sensor , completion mild race camshaft , unrated black hydraulic lifters , smf conversion with uprated clutch wearing a 02m six speed gearbox 

Cupra R brembos brake set up with vented rear discs , rear anti roll bar , monroe reflex dampers all round with weitec -25mm sports springs , seat sport fmic cut down to fit available space , fabia vrs radiator , Audi TT Quattro front hubs which widens the wheel base with adjustable top mounts to make changes to castor and camber angle , one off custom length driveshafts , lower crossmember reinforcement bar. Webasto , Audi TT coolant pump for webasto  telestart   
as you can imagine there’s not much room left in my A2 engine bay and although a very very tight fit everything’s in and has clearance and allowing for engine and gearbox movement. 

To do list & retrofits 


sideguard , fis , rear pdc , tow bar , headlamp washers and winter pack heated mirrors and screen washer jets 
front crash bar and fmic mounts 




















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yes I had to make custom engine and gearbox mounts and also made the main engine holder by the camshaft in two pieces so it can be disassembled for cam belt changes , if not the whole engine would need removing , I shall add some more  photos and of the mountings although it was trial and error and many tweaks with a prototype until it fitted satisfactory with clearance all round the engine bay. 

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Well done with the engine coversion!


Did you do it for fun or will it see some serious daily mileage?



I also merged your picture-posts with your initial placeholders.


- Nagah

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Thankyou that’s appreciated Nagah. 

yes for fun as you put it as im a bit of A2 addict, but imagine she would be my main daily driver and cover the most miles but they all have there own merits and characters and always swapping between my A2s 



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Great to hear!

That is, because I am not a fan of "trailer queens" and like it when cars get driven.


My only car is also an engine swapped A2 and I racked 41.000km (~25.500miles) in roughly two years on it. :<3 :a2:

Still love it! 

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Nyhahahahhahahaha that tickled me i  like that saying haha trailer queens , 

I have several A2s and they all get used as my daily driver or family and friends borrow as they do from time to time , just retired my fsi well parked her up at mothers for a few months while my 1.2 tdi is stretching her legs again until i finish my  final few tweaks with my intercooler and some wiring then my 1.9s off for weighing and an appointment with VOSA to be checked and then my log book would be updated with her new weight and engine capacity and on to shake down once she's  through her mot 

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Few more photos of engine and gearbox mounts and front crash bar   Half welded up for trial figment of the fmic  and bumper figment  , engine build , one off stainless GTB manifold , drive shafts cut down to correct lengths joiner machined over sized so shafts  heated and plug frozen to join then tig routed and fully welded 



















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Great work here, keep the updates coming.

How are you intending to do the wiring? Using the 1.9 loom and code in the 1.9 ecu or 1.9 loom and flash the ecu with arl setting to get it running.

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I love that manifold!

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