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Maybe you should try it in english ;) we understand that as well ;)




Laut beschreibung gibt es dort kein blaues Kabel, nur Gelb und Rot.




I have prepared this image explaining where the blue wire of the module is




Red Wire Ok Fuse 8

Yellow Wire Ok Fuse 23

But…where the connection of the Blue Wire is into Audi A2 ?


The manual states that the blue wire needs to be connected to the Leaving Home function


I appreciate any help


Best Regards



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You have to connect the blue wire with a kind of openingsignal, maybe the indicator (blinker) or some kind of door opening signal.


Your Leaving Home needs this signal to work ;)




Thanks for the reply,

any suggestions on where exactly to connect the blue wire in the car?


Thank you very much again

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Möchte mal die offizielle Zulassung des Herstellers sehen, hier hapert's glaub' ich

zum ersten, mit der Technik zum zweiten, über's dritte müssen wir wohl nicht...


...hatte so 'n Schrott schon in meiner Kugel und schnellstmöglich wieder entfernt.

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